Arch­bi­shop Viganò: „fresh and never frozen“ baby heads and other body parts bought from FDA

Screenshot:, Archbishop Viganò

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | In a short state­ment, the comba­tive arch­bi­shop condemns abor­tions, which he says have the inte­rests of the Deep State behind them. The inter­view appeared on The American Report [link]. In the USA, among the bishops, the consis­tent rejec­tion of abor­tions based on faith is not an outsider posi­tion as it is in Europe, one is „more papal than the pope“ there and the majo­rity repres­ents the posi­tion that the church has always held.

For example, Bishop Strick­land of Tyler, Texas, recently said that „pastoral care for Ms Pelosi is to tell her that she should not receive the body of Christ (commu­nion) until she stops advo­ca­ting the murder of unborn children.“ This state­ment came in response to the pro-abor­tion posi­tion of Pope Francis, who said that such pro-abor­tion poli­ti­cians should not be banned from recei­ving commu­nion [link].


State­ment by Arch­bi­shop Viganò

„I read with horror the news released by New Watch Presi­dent Tom Fitton that the FDA (US Food and Drug Admi­nis­tra­tion) purchased ‚fresh and never frozen‘ baby heads and other body parts during the Obama era.

In the face of the horror of crimes that cry out for retri­bu­tion in the sight of God, the time has come for the bishops of the United States of America to condemn the crime of abor­tion seriously and unequi­vo­cally, impo­sing excom­mu­ni­ca­tions on all those who betray the natural law and the commandments of God by acting in poli­tics and in public insti­tu­tions in ways that enable the slaughter of the inno­cent. Among these, without a doubt, is Joe Biden who, although nomi­nally Catholic, has issued a decree reco­g­nising the ‚right‘ to kill inno­cent babies in the womb.

The American people, comforted by the historic Supreme Court decision, must regain their pride, dignity and trust in God, and must put an end to this massacre behind which lie the rotten profits of the organ trade and the unspeakable inte­rests of the Deep State.“

Carlo Maria Viganò was apos­tolic envoy to the United States of America.

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