Sata­nists want access to children: „Satan Clubs“ in primary schools

Bild: Screenshot: The Satanic Temple (17.5.2022);

The Satanic Temple speci­fi­cally seeks to indoc­tri­nate young children with its anti-Chris­tian ideo­logy in so-called Satan Clubs that are spre­a­ding across the country. Four already exist in three US states. What sounds like sick satire is a frigh­tening reality in the USA. The Satanic Temple sees abor­tions, i.e. the killing of inno­cent children, as an important reli­gious rite. Human sacri­fice, espe­ci­ally of children, is common in occult lodges like the Frater­nias Saturni. Confessed paedo­philes and other freaks orga­nise them­selves in the Satanic Temple. In North Caro­lina, parents are ther­e­fore resis­ting a Satan Club in their school by protesting and praying…


The group tries to win children over through books and teaching mate­rials aimed at them. Accor­ding to a basic text of the Satanic Temple, the group’s programme is prima­rily concerned with teaching the values of ratio­na­lism and (appa­rent) scien­ti­fi­city that are domi­nant in the Western world, which should no longer leave any room for the Chris­tian God. One sees oneself as a counter-model to Chris­tian offers and promises instruc­tions and support for the students by quali­fied personnel. The website is elabo­ra­tely desi­gned, a music video is supposed to appeal to children.

Sata­nists: Paedo­philia and children as human sacrifice

Paedo­philia and the ritual murder of inno­cent children is an inte­gral part of the sick delu­sions of occul­tists and Sata­nists. The back­ground to this has been discussed in this article.

There is always an almost obses­sive connec­tion between paedo­philia and ritual Sata­nism. Not infre­quently, these are members of elite circles who want to gain power through occult crimes. An incre­asingly occult pop and youth culture also targets easily mani­pu­lated primary school children in many cases. Examples include the satanic porno­gra­phic music videos of Li X Nas, the songs of „I am a child of the devil“ ‑Paul Elstak or Pokemon cartoons aimed at young children. Moreover, for the temple, abor­tions are reli­gious blood sacri­fices to their god Satan. Parents who entrust their children to such people are either stupid or totally irresponsible!

Reva­lua­tion of all values

Accor­ding to the New Testa­ment, the seduc­tion of children to evil is one of the worst possible offences. Sata­nism is based on turning Chris­tian ideas upside down; the philo­so­pher Fried­rich Nietz­sche spoke of a reva­lua­tion of all values. Ther­e­fore, the seduc­tion of inno­cent children is an atro­city that the „prince of this world“ rejoices in. This explains why these groups go to such lengths to influence them.

Amen, I say to you: Unless you repent and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Whoever makes himself small like this child is the grea­test in the kingdom of heaven. 5 And whoever receives such a child in my name receives me. 6 Whoever gives offence to one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for him if a mill­s­tone were hung around his neck and he were sunk in the depth of the sea.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, Matthew, 18

Parents stand up and win

In the town of Green­boro, parents fought back against a parti­cu­larly brazen attempt by Satanic Temple to gain access to their children in late April (29.4.). About 50 parents gathered outside Joyner Elemen­tary School and prayed. Fox News picked up on the issue and the protest on social media was also very loud. The previous week, Satanic Temple had been promo­ting the club to gather in the school cafe­teria with flyers distri­buted at the school. The protests have stopped the Sata­nists‘ plan for the time being.

However, it is expected that they will take legal action to gain access to schools where Chris­tian groups hold their meetings. In the USA, the consti­tu­tional prin­ciple of equal treat­ment of reli­gious faiths before the law applies. They have achieved one thing with their action: the Good News Club, a Bible club, is no longer allowed to hold meetings in the cafe­teria of the primary school because of the prin­ciple of equa­lity. Possibly that was also the actual goal …

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