Docu­men­tary Dissects Trans Agenda of Globa­lists: What is a woman?

screenshot: IMDb

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER |The anti-biolo­gical pseudo-science of gender doctrine [link] is an elite project that serves to repro­gramme and unsettle the popu­la­tion by attacking the foun­da­tions of human nature. Its founder John Money claimed a psycho­so­cial gender sepa­rate from biolo­gical sex [link]. These sham academic fanta­sies are spread at 200 univer­sity chairs in Germany alone. The importance the social engi­neers attach to this unrea­li­stic brain­wa­shing becomes clear when one considers that in compa­rison there are only 190 chairs for phar­macy and 120 profes­sor­ships for ancient languages in Germany [link].

A critical US docu­men­tary on the subject by The Daily Wire [link] with commen­tator Matt Walsh was released on 1 June, the start of „Pride Month“. The trailer of „What is a woman?“ can be found here:

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