EU-DSSR: EU Parlia­ment wants to deprive Hungary of EU Presi­dency in 2024 – Why? (Video)

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By our Hungary corre­spon­dent ELMAR FORSTER

Tota­li­ta­rian EU-DSSR on the verge of collapse

In Hungary, one is reminded of the worst times of its recent history: when the former „Eastern Bloc“ states were forcibly commu­ni­tised as so-called satel­lite states in the Soviet „Warsaw Pact“ (1955–1991) and Comecon (1949 – 1991).

In this respect, it is wort­hwhile to see the anti-Hunga­rian panic action initiated by left-wing EU lobbies in this context: As a portent of the immi­nent collapse of a tota­li­ta­rian EU project that has got comple­tely out of control against an EU member state that sees itself as sovereign.

Ultra-left-liber­ta­rian Hungary-hating propaganda

Indeed, a key leader of the renewed anti-demo­cratic EU coup, Gwen­do­line Delbos-Corfield, is an ultra-left trans­gender advo­cate and noto­rious Hungary-hater:

Hungary cannot be considered a func­tio­ning demo­cracy.“ (Mandiner)

- as she opined.

The EU Parliament’s specious and clearly anti-demo­cratic, and thus tota­li­ta­rian, justification.…

… „calls into ques­tion Hungary’s ability to credibly fulfil this task in 2024, as it does not respect EU law, the values enshrined in Article 2 of the EU Treaty and the prin­ciple of loyal coope­ra­tion.

- as the draft reso­lu­tion states.

Threat by means of mali­cious slander

The vote is expected for next Thursday (1 June), and is to be forced by means of usual threats based on usual insi­nua­tions against Hungary:

It is alleged that the Orbán govern­ment „violates the funda­mental values of the EU“ and that Hungary „does not adhere to the prin­ciple of loyal coope­ra­tion“.

In reality, however, the EU Parlia­ment is only afraid of the right to demo­cratic criti­cism of every EU member state, which is expressed, among other things, in the demo­cratic means of using the veto. So by the draft…

… „condemns the Orban government’s stra­tegy of conduc­ting anti-EU campaigns to divert atten­tion from viola­tions of EU values and systemic corrup­tion“.

And Malin Björk, an ultra-left Swedish MEP also threatens.…

… „various things: such as suspen­ding legis­la­tive procee­dings or not invi­ting Hunga­rian minis­ters to committee work and meetings.“ (Mandiner)

The real reason: neo-conser­va­tive success of the Orban government

Parti­cu­larly unplea­sant for the left-wing EU elites:

Namely, that just at the next EU parlia­men­tary elec­tion (6–9 June 2024) an EU state led by the most successful national (Orban) govern­ment (won 4x parlia­men­tary elec­tion with 2/3 majo­rity) will take over the so-called rota­ting EU presi­dency for six months to coor­di­nate EU legis­la­tive activity.

And it is precisely these main concerns of the EU Presi­dency that the EU Parlia­ment wants to prevent as an „out-of-control cannon. “ (Index – Fidesz MEP Enikő Győri) prevent.

The demo­gra­phic crisis in the EU has serious impli­ca­tions for the EU’s compe­ti­ti­ve­ness, which is why it is justi­fied to pursue family policy at EU level while respec­ting the compe­tences of member states.“ (Index)

- as the Hunga­rian Minister of Justice Judith Varga pointed out.

So the EU left elites are justi­fiably afraid that Hungary’s neo-conser­va­tive resi­li­ence against the trans­gender and refugee agenda, against EU warmon­ge­ring, for family and national values, could spread further.

Moreover, Hungary supports EU enlar­ge­ment with the acces­sion of Serbia as key to acce­le­ra­ting the acces­sion process of the Western Balkans. And this with a very sove­reign Serbian Presi­dent Alek­sandar Vučić.

Fight against illegal migration

Hungary would like to debate the connec­tions between asylum and the secu­rity aspects of migration.

János Bóka, State Secre­tary at the Ministry of Justice, summed up the crisis of confi­dence between the EU insti­tu­tions and the Hunga­rian govern­ment: that the Hunga­rian govern­ment says what it thinks, but the EU insti­tu­tions are hypo­cri­tical. (Index)

Cool reac­tion from Hungary

Hungary is a full member of the EU. It has already held the rota­ting presi­dency of the Euro­pean Council and will do so again in 2024.

- so the terse state­ment of Zoltán Kovács, State Secre­tary for Govern­ment Communications.

For the real reason behind the current anti-Hunga­rian EU attack:

They don’t like that Hungary is for peace and they want to force us into war. But the Hunga­rian govern­ment will not give in to the pres­sure… Hungary demands peace and an imme­diate ceas­e­fire, because that is the only way to save lives.“ (Kovacs)

And László Dorn­feld, analyst of the neo-conser­va­tive Hunga­rian think tank „Foun­da­tion for Funda­mental Rights“ knows:

In Brussels, ther­e­fore, people fear that the Council under the Hunga­rian Presi­dency will try to set up a Commis­sion that repres­ents the inte­rests of the peoples of Europe and not the pocketful­ness and ideo­logy of the narrow liberal elite. They fear genuine popular repre­sen­ta­tion, Euro­pean Chris­tian values and peace like the devil fears incense.“ (Mandiner)

All supra-national tota­li­ta­ria­nisms failed because of Hungary

Ex-Hunga­rian-Austrian Habs­burg monarchy

EX-UDSSR with ex-Sate­lite states

present EU


There is, in fact, a defiant self-asser­tion in the Hunga­rian mentality:

All tota­li­ta­ria­nisms, domi­nated by supra-national arro­gance, have failed because of Hunga­rian member­ship: the Austro-Hunga­rian Danube monarchy (1918) and then the Warsaw Pact.

Because already in September 2018, Hunga­rian Prime Minister Orban successfully defended himself against another left-wing hate campaign in the EU Parlia­ment (which the Dutch ultra-left-green trans­gender acti­vist Judith Sargen­tini had insti­gated against him) with the follo­wing words:

Those blame Hungary, who inhe­rited Western demo­cracy, who did not have to make personal sacri­fices for freedom. And now you want to condemn the anti-commu­nist freedom figh­ters of the demo­cratic resis­tance.“ (Orbán)

But this fills me with joy: That they had to read my books after all, in which their wicked­ness is reve­aled. They have read my writings more dili­gently than the Holy Scrip­tures, because they wished to find here­sies in them.

(Jan Hus: Bohe­mian reformer before his burning at the stake in Cons­tance, 1415).


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