Ex US General, Presi­den­tial Advisor: „Globa­list Elite Robbing Freedom“ & „We Are All Dutch Farmers“

Spectrum News NY1, General Michael Flynn

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | A retired senior US general recently spoke out in support of protesting farmers in Holland. For a time he was director of mili­tary coun­ter­in­tel­li­gence (Defence Intel­li­gence Agency) and for three weeks secu­rity adviser to the Trump administration.


Flynn comes from an Irish-American family back­ground with a mili­tary tradi­tion, and is a devout Chris­tian who frequently addresses large crowds at patriotic demons­tra­tions. Flynn was accused of making false state­ments about a conver­sa­tion with the Russian ambassador, the poli­ti­cally moti­vated case was later dropped by the presi­dent [link].

General Michael Flynn is a 3‑star retired general, the second highest mili­tary rank in the US, who has repea­tedly attracted atten­tion for his poli­tical state­ments since his reti­re­ment. During a speech in Texas, he alle­gedly had the follo­wing exch­ange with a soldier:

„I am a simple Marine. I want to know why what happened in Myanmar [he was refer­ring to the mili­tary coup in Myanmar in February] can’t happen here.“ To great jeers and applause from the crowd, Flynn replied, „Just because. I mean, it should happen“ – i.e., a coup should happen here.

General Michael Flynn, link



Speech by General Michael Flynn

I am hono­ured to make a few remarks about the Dutch farmers who are fighting for their freedom. The present repres­ents one of the most important moments, not only in US history, but certainly in the history of the freedom-loving world. All our rights are under attack!

We do not accept our free­doms being taken away, and that is why many peoples around the world are begin­ning to rise up against the tyranny of their govern­ments! But today it is about supporting the Dutch farmers and making it clear that you under­stand. We must stand toge­ther, shoulder to shoulder, the world is behind the farmers! Free­doms are under attack ever­y­where, in Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, United States and now Holland. People ever­y­where are starting peaceful resis­tance against the globa­list elite.

To the Dutch people: we stand behind you! We call on people ever­y­where to stand up and be loud! Show and carry the Dutch flag on all social media so that people know that we stand toge­ther with the Dutch farmers. We are fighting for their freedom to provide food for their fami­lies. Today we are all Dutch farmers! Your struggle is our struggle! We support your struggle to defend your land, your ability to culti­vate the fields. Your free­doms are under attack, so we stand with you! God bless you all, God bless Holland! Thank you all!

The speech was broad­casted on Dam Square in Amsterdam on 23.7. 2022 (?) via video link to a big screen for the demons­tra­tors. The original speech can be seen here:


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