The human rights industry and crypto-reli­gious national – and trans­na­tional complex

Ruin of the second oldest Cistercian monastery in Britain, Tintern Abbey: Founded in 1131 and dissolved in 1536 by the Supreme Governor of the Church of England as well as King of England, Henry VIII, after the abolition of the separation of church and state | Quelle:; Martinvl, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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The one-world hegemon also wants to play «Lord of Church»

Some say it, many feel it: Our world is facing the turn of an era. The prot­ago­nists of the old, but vanis­hing concept of globa­liza­tion, have openly admitted their failure by presen­ting their so-called „Great Re-Set“ as their recipe for brea­king the dead­lock. This may sound temp­ting to the crowds of the mass-elite society in the West, but it will be flatly rejected by the majo­rity of the 6.6 billion peoples of the non-West. For the latter it was not only risky, but life-threa­tening as well, to leave the required reor­ga­niza­tions or „fire­fighting works“ once more only to old arso­nists of the past.

The turn of an era curr­ently expe­ri­enced is about to replace the mono­polar colo­nial rule of the last 500 years to be replaced by a new multi­polar global order to over­come the old mass-elite system in addi­tion. In the new mill­en­nium we see the age of the old mari­time or colo­nial powers lite­rally go under before our eyes.

What had happened?

The one-world hegemon toge­ther with its colo­nial masters and bought-up elites have faced a huge problem from the outset: To fight against the growing majo­rity of masses to be subdued and over­come the ever-incre­asing oppon­ents. This could only be done with the help of supe­rior poli­tics, supe­rior orga­niza­tion and supe­rior tech­no­logy. However, this lead in know­ledge, orga­niza­tion and tech­no­logy has in the mean­while been melting away like ice under the sun. The feudal system of long-estab­lished pluto­cra­cies is going to encounter incre­asing pres­sure by the day.

Baphomet: The patron and saint of one-world pluto­crats & olig­archs | Quelle:; Mbzt, CC BY-SA 4.0 <;, via Wiki­media Commons

The old days of mowing-down defen­ce­less popu­la­tions and poorly armed people with machine gunfire at will have passed: The struggle to achieve the surrender of tech­ni­cally equal conti­nental powers in the wake of the ‚Great War‘ (1914–1918) has been poin­ting in a diffe­rent direc­tion. In the mean­time, it seems to be impos­sible to successfully over­come mili­ta­rily the majo­rity-world-popu­la­tion of the 85%, which exists today outside the group of the so-called West.

To over­come their weak­ne­sses globa­lists have started early to apply methods for mono­po­liza­tions as well as the whole spec­trum of hybrid warfare against the growing forces of the oppo­sing rest. These methods include, namely:

  • the instal­la­tion of trun­cated demo­cra­cies as protec­to­rates over­seen by a system of multi­party-olig­ar­chies under trans­na­tional control with the supposed sepa­ra­tion of of the execu­tive -, legis­la­tive – and judi­cial bran­ches of govern­ment cancelled due to collu­sion of the rele­vant front-actors through the back door.
  • Aboli­tion of the sepa­ra­tion of church and state by means of the total state self-empowered for eccle­si­a­stic autho­rity. Such total state not only takes care of legis­la­tive proce­dures, but also claims the meta­phy­sical realm: It deter­mines and shapes so-called „values“ in the tempt­a­tion to „push“ ideo­logy on peoples as dogmas, which do not need to be explained.
Role model Henry VIII (1491–1547) at the start of the colo­nial age: King and Supreme Governor of the Church of England in one person | Quelle:,  Hans Holbein the Younger, Public domain, via Wiki­media Commons

The self-empowered state as reli­gious autho­rity, has finally peaked by clai­ming the crypto-reli­gion, called „Human Rights“: The reli­gious dimen­sion is able to furnish the one-world-hegemon with a special instru­ment to elegantly circum­vent any unplea­sant ques­tions in the wake of the extern­ally imposed march to his world domi­na­tion. Crypto-reli­gious dogmas have already served in the past, e.g. to deflect blatant viola­tions of the U.S. Consti­tu­tion, like: The „Mani­fest Destiny“ [divine mission state­ment coined exclu­si­vely for the U.S.] of the „City on the Hill“ [USA as the Jeru­salem 2.0] is going to defeat any earthly criti­cism and/or impo­si­tion due to legis­la­tion by crypto-reli­gious means!

Woodrow Wilson, master of the poli­tical-reli­gious agenda

Although a fairy tale from Thousand and One Nights tells, that Mrs. Eleanor Roose­velt had been the inventor of the „Human Rights“, better Woodrow Wilson should go down in the Atlantic impe­rial history as a model pupil of Henry VIII. as well as the pioneer of modern sacral endea­vours equal to a „Moses of the Human Rights“. At the end of World War I, his 14 „Commandments [Points]“ succeeded in persua­ding the German Impe­rial Navy and the Impe­rial Army to rebel against the German Emperor: This made it possible to disarm the II. German Empire blue-eyed under false pretences having it pulled over the table in order to put phase II [1933 – 1945] already on track in 1919 with the help of the peace-dictates of Versailles subse­quently. In the mean­time, the third and last phase [2015 – 2040] has been laun­ched and has entered its imple­men­ta­tion phase.

That histo­rical example shows what crypto-reli­gious initia­tives can achieve in God-forsaken socie­ties. It encou­raged poli­tico-secta­rians of the West to move on to the next big step after World War I. For best optics, US-First Lady, Mrs. Eleanor Roose­velt had been advanced as inno­cent looking PR- & Produc­tion Assistant respec­tively patro­ness for the „Reli­gious Works of Human Rights“  to be lifted to the supra­na­tional level with the UN in the after­math of WW2. This actually had been imple­mented in the course of the adop­tion of the so-called „Universal Human Rights“ by the United Nations in 1948.

Great pati­ence as charac­te­ristic of the perfect trap

The more perfectly a trap is set, the much later the cat jumps out of the bag. With regard to global gover­nance, this may take two or three gene­ra­tions. Profes­sional entrap­ment tends to be packed with extreme patience.

Regar­ding the change of objec­tives over time, the website of the United Nations explains to its readers by a „A Brief History of UN Human Rights“ full of pride:

„… The growth in size and acti­vi­ties of UN Human Rights has paral­leled the increase in the human rights machi­nery since the adop­tion of the Universal Decla­ra­tion of Human Rights in 1948. Drafted as „a common stan­dard of achie­ve­ment for all peoples and nations,“ the Decla­ra­tion for the first time in human history set out basic civil, poli­tical, economic, social and cultural rights that all human beings, without distinc­tion, should enjoy. Non-discri­mi­na­tion and equa­lity have been incre­asingly reaf­firmed as funda­mental prin­ci­ples of inter­na­tional human rights law and essen­tial elements of human dignity.

Eleanor Roose­velt with the decla­ra­tion w/o „climate change & LGBTI“ to be seen | Source: UN

Today, the body of inter­na­tional human rights law conti­nues to expand and new human rights stan­dards are being built on the Universal Decla­ra­tion to address emer­ging human rights issues. In the 21st century, UN Human Rights has helped achieve greater protec­tion of the rights of negle­cted popu­la­tion groups such as indi­ge­nous peoples, older people, people with disa­bi­li­ties, and people belon­ging to the LGBTI commu­nity. The Office has also brought to the fore the link between human rights and climate change.…»

Note: Emphasis by Unser-Mitteleuropa


The said „brief history“ of human rights in the words of the United Nations describes, that „the body of inter­na­tional human rights law conti­nues to expand and new human rights stan­dards are being built “ Mean­while, regar­ding „new“ issues that “the Office also brought to the fore“, we have mean­while reached the „LGBTI commu­nity“ and „climate change“: There, at the latest, the first alarm bells should start ring. Who would have seen coming such magic tricks, some 75 years ago?

Criti­cism of Pope Bene­dict XVI. (1927 – 2022)

The problem of „Universal Human Rights“ under the aegis of the United Nations Pope Bene­dict XVI. has brought to the point during a comme­mo­ra­tive event staged at the Vatican on December 10, 2018 at the occa­sion of the 60th anni­ver­sary of the mentioned UN document:

„The foun­da­tion on which the Universal Decla­ra­tion of Human Rights rests, will remain fragile if its ethical and divine origins are ignored,“ Pope Bene­dict said. Although much has been done in recent decades to promote and protect human rights throug­hout the world, „hundreds of millions of our brot­hers and sisters still see their rights to life, liberty and secu­rity threa­tened,“ the pope further explained.

It is clear that neither Catholic Church, nor Commu­ni­ties of the Islamic faith will ever ratify and sign such a profane reli­gious mani­festo. The Chris­tian and Islamic reli­gious commu­ni­ties – among them­selves for their total of 4.1 billion follo­wers world­wide – have been much better suited to do this on their own and outside of a secular insti­tu­tion, like the United Nations:

For example, Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed el-Tayeb, signed the „Abu Dhabi Agree­ment“ or the „Docu­ment on the Brot­her­hood of All People for Peaceful Coexis­tence in the World“ in Abu Dhabi during a global confe­rence on Feb. 4, 2019.
Source: Here

It would be much more meaningful, if the govern­ments of the inter­na­tional commu­nity would concen­trate fully on the crea­tion and obser­vance of their partly very fragile secular legal appa­ra­tuses and leave the spiri­tual area without excep­tion to the world reli­gions: These are in Asia the ‚Three Teachings‘, such as Buddhism, Daoism and Confu­cia­nism, in the Orient Islam and Judaism, and in the Occi­dent Chris­tia­nity. Those world reli­gions have many thousand years of expe­ri­ence in answe­ring ques­tions about meta­phy­sics and ethics and are best quali­fied not to be confused and/or noto­riously seduced in their judgments by the fashion trends of the day, as it happens to our day-to-day-poli­ti­cians on almost daily basis.
A mix-up of church – and state matters faci­li­tates the tempt­a­tion to have contro­ver­sial or shoddy power poli­tics of the day re-packaged into fake-dogmas for better accep­tance from the outside and largely clue­less popu­la­tions. It turns even worse, if poli­tical forces take the bait to syste­ma­ti­cally abuse the basi­cally posi­tive idea of human rights insti­tu­tio­nally, but have it converted into a „Human Rights Industry“ run by poli­tical hypocrites.

The book: „The Human Rights Industry“ by Alfred de Zayas

Former Inde­pen­dent Expert on Inter­na­tional Order (2012 – 2018) at the UN and Fulbright scholar, Professor Alfred de Zayas has dedi­cated his latest book entitled „The Human Rights INDUSTRY“, published by Clarity Press in June 2023, to such misconduct.

Daniel Kovalik, Professor of Inter­na­tional Human Rights at the Univer­sity of Pitts­burgh School of Law and himself author of „No More War: How the West Violates Inter­na­tional Law by Using „Huma­ni­ta­rian“ Inter­ven­tion to Advance Economic and Stra­tegic Inte­rests“ comm­ents on the new book of Alfred de Zayas:

„This book is long-overdue critique of the human rights system by someone who truly values human rights and who has a unique and valuable perspec­tive as a human rights prac­ti­tioner for 50 years. As de Zayas so eloquently explains, the human rights system has sadly become a busi­ness, moti­vated by the drive for the appr­oval of its rich and self-inte­rested (Western) patrons. The result is a system infected by unfair­ness and double stan­dards – the very oppo­site of what we want of a system which purports to protect the most basic rights of huma­nity. However, this is not a fata­li­stic or cynical critique like some. Rather, it is a hopeful work which offers cons­truc­tive criti­cism and concrete sugges­tions for making the system one that works for ever­yone and upholds the very values it was created to promote. I highly recom­mend this book for experts, prac­ti­tio­ners, and lay readers alike.“

 Jeffrey D. Sachs, professor at Columbia Univer­sity notes on the same topic:

„Alfred de Zayas offers us an inva­luable insider‚s account of how the global system created after World War II to protect human rights is brazenly mani­pu­lated by the United States Govern­ment and others for geopo­li­tical ends. De Zayas is a human rights leader of remar­kable insight, expe­ri­ence, wisdom, and inte­grity, whose account is both searing and hugely cons­truc­tive. He makes vividly clear what we must, and how we can, truly cham­pion peace and human rights.“

A proposal to the UN from a propo­nent of genuine sepa­ra­tion of powers by the author of this treatise

In the spirit of the above-mentioned profes­sors, a simple but highly effec­tive recom­men­da­tion could be derived from the current misuse by the „Human Rights Industry“ under the High Commis­sion of the UN General Assembly:

„Each member state of the UN Human Rights is entitled only to publicly self-accuse itself about own human rights viola­tions as well as laying out the pros­pect of appro­priate self-reme­dial measures for that purpose. Member States are not entitled to lodge their complaints about alleged miscon­duct if other states.“

Such a self-disci­pli­ning of hege­monic states gone wild would serve to effec­tively put an overdue final stop to the abuse of the instru­ment of Human Rights for poli­tical purposes in the future.

Case study from the realm of the «Human Rights Industry» with a spell of the script thanks to the „GRETA effect“

Western spin doctors prefer to dele­gate their crypto-reli­gious indoc­tri­na­tions supposed to be addressed to the distracted masses of an other­wise mate­ria­li­stic indus­trial society, to young female talking-dolls as their loudspeakers:

The selected candi­dates are either drawn from the pool of poten­tial actresses or from the range of special „mino­ri­ties“. The latter often include so-called „migrant women“ and even minors with or without heredi­tary cogni­tive defects:

Greta in Davos 2019 sees «red» and climate change only: «Our house is on fire!» | Quelle:; Screen­shoot Video

For example, Greta, an autistic underage girl from Sweden who has since made it to world fame, at the tender age of 16, succeeded to espe­ci­ally delight high-ranking guests and CEO’s at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2019 with her antics for an uncon­di­tional hysteria in the face of the supposed threat due to climate change.

Espe­ci­ally since the United States have openly clas­si­fied China as their grea­test stra­tegic threat, the latter and its allies have already laun­ched an infor­ma­tion – and economic war against China, addi­tio­nally supported by the Human Rights Industry in the run-up to a hot war.

In this crusade of the West, a so-called human rights acti­vist from China must not be missing, of course: The young lady was quickly found, albeit in faraway Australia. It is Vicky Xu, who was born in Jiayu­guan City, Gansu in China in 1994 and began her studies in Beijing in 2012, but swit­ched to Australia in 2014 at the tender age of 20 to study poli­tical science at Melbourne Univer­sity – inclu­ding an exch­ange semester at the Harry S. Truman Rese­arch Insti­tute – and graduated in 2018.

Even during those early days, Vicky Xu, the young talent was already working for Austra­lian and US media and last but not least as a stand-up come­dian, combi­ning black humour with her fanta­sies from China or maybe just with the infor­ma­tion she might have received from Western intel­li­gence services. Xu left China while she was still a teen­ager and underage student. It raises the ques­tion what personal impres­sions of poli­tical nature she could have had received from China other than child­hood memo­ries and expe­ri­ences from her school desks?

Multi-talented & quick-change artist Vicky Xu in her role as strawberry-connoisseur

After studying in Australia, Vicky Xu went through a mira­cu­lously blitz-career: She has worked for the Austra­lian Broad­cas­ting Corpo­ra­tion (ABC), The New York Times, and even the Austra­lian think tank Austra­lian Stra­tegic Policy Insti­tute (ASPI). In March 2020, Vicky Xu’s high-alti­tude career culmi­nated in being named lead author of the report „Uyghurs for Sale,“ which agitates against China’s mino­rity poli­cies toward the Uyghurs.

The narra­tive covered by this report has actually been geared to make the West’s economic sanc­tions against China publicly more accep­table, packaged by the toolkit «Human Rights».

Human rights acti­vist Vicky Xu in a diffe­rent and here nun-like ascetic look: On ABC TV in Melbourne 2021 with Hamish Macdo­nald and Senator James Paterson | Quelle:; Jono­aldor, CC BY-SA 4.0 <;, via Wiki­media Commons

It raises the ques­tion how economic sanc­tions per se, which in plain language repre­sent nothing else than a form of economic warfare, can contri­bute to the better­ment of local or Chinese popu­la­tions, but possibly had been desi­gned from the very begin­ning to cause destruc­tion in disgu­ised form of warfare against China only?

It seems that Western country elites in their global war frenzy have unmasked them­selves as the enemies of the remai­ning 85 percent of the world population!


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